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In which country police sends grenades and tear gas on people dancing outside, physically destroying musical equipment and speakers?

This is not 1933 Germany. This is 2021 #France.

At least one hand blasted away by one grenade.... tear gas everywhere.

Oh and the rave party was a hommage to Steve Caniço, who died in a rave 2 years ago (almost day by day) pushed in the river by a disproportionate... charge of the police using grenades and shit... :(

#steve #redon #policebrutality #shame

Might fuck around and make Matrix the all in one chat app I've been wanting. ho-lee-crapstacks

Im way stoked with this set. Even if I did flub the last track a bit.

If you like funky house.....you might wanna give this a bump.


This is my first post with mastodon auto share

Mail servers are tough. I just want a send only server for my own applications. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. 😅

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Ease the #Bitcoin unit bias problem, and speak in terms of sats.

e.g. $36733/BTC = $0.00037/sat

or more simply: 0.037 cents per sat

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Money is a tool for trading our time.
Fiat is a tool for stealing our time.
Central banks steal our time.
Protect your wealth.
Save in Bitcoin.

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mastodon fixed. I missed it here. much less clutter.

Waking up a whole hour before your alarm goes off because your spidy sense's are tingling.

Job is priority one for now.

Next will be living situation.

Just kinda tweeting into the void to get these thoughts out of my head.

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I am not content. I need to make some major changes in life.

It crashes every few days making the sync stupid slow. its infuriating.

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Any Idea why this is happening? My log files don't tell me anything. They just stop no error code or anything. RasPi4 for reference

For real though.

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Why is everyone antsy with Bitcoin ranging at $60k these things were like $12 last year just fucking chill

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CryptoCharles__/st

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