Waking up a whole hour before your alarm goes off because your spidy sense's are tingling.

Any Idea why this is happening? My log files don't tell me anything. They just stop no error code or anything. RasPi4 for reference

Hiking today reminded me that there is too much damn noise in the world. It feels like we are under a low level and constant sonic assault.

It's never enough to put me out of commission but I have noticed being unexplainably angry when I'm overstimulated by environmental audio.

11 mile hike to the dome. The light dusting of snow at the top was a real treat.

Getting ready for backpacking season with the homie @BTC_Alien@twitter.com


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Donating to an NGO/Charity will get you a tax-cut but won't reach the ones in need directly, like buying anything from Majin will.

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Pump my bags Burger! Its party time.

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friday night dance party from @CryptoRadio@twitter.com & @LiquidLiveclub@twitter.com is LIVE! for the next 3 hours.

time to let loose and shake dat caboose. tune in:

live special guest one @Mitch_Tischler@twitter.com

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When you dip your toes back into shitcoins and it pays off.


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๐Ÿค–Come rave with me right NOW!๐Ÿค–


๐Ÿ‘พMushroom patterns and alien tongues.. we dropping that psytrance tonight!๐Ÿ‘พ

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When both your Spot buys and your leveraged longs are in profit.


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friday. dance party. let's do it. @CryptoRadio@twitter.com @LiquidLiveclub@twitter.com


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