This is exactly how I treat Altcoins.
It's all just a means to more I don't trade USD pairs anymore.


You don't have to "like" an altcoin to trade it.

It's a coin.
Not a person.
It's not evil.
It's literally just a coin.

If it goes up and earns you more Bitcoin, that's a good enough use-case for me.


Screenshotting and tweeting so its saved.

I know its April fools but one day he might really mean it.

Whelp this looks sick for Bitcoiners.
Its a DCA app that lets you buy on % rather than all the time (you can do that to it seems). Core and Lightning support. 1% back on all purchases.

IMO this looks really sick. Good job


My favorite bit of mail to receive. ❀️



"Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks."

JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, & others are precisely the institutions Satoshi tried to warn us NOT TO TRUST.

Please do not be fooled.

If you *must* use a custodian, please vote with your and go elsewhere.


Lol dumping a whole stimulus check into is fun and doesn't feel financially irresponsible.


If journalists wrote about the dollar the same way they write about .


Something I learned today.

If your instance of core is crashing due to ReadBlockFromDisk: Deserialize or I/O error - CAutoFile::read: fread failed: error.

In most cases you can relaunch with the -reindex-chainstate flag and you should be good.


Going live in just a few with

Followed by your boy

Time to pamp the corn past 55k folks.


I put Big Mess out on Bandcamp while I wait for distrokid to do its thing. So many ways to support my tunes.

and payments coming to my website soon.


The govt manipulated money, making it inflationary and low quality. You got pushed into stocks which are manipulated too. They lock you down and destroy your rights and way of life.

Take the orange pill and fight back.


Lol even my Macro Econ podcasts are talking about .


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