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In which country police sends grenades and tear gas on people dancing outside, physically destroying musical equipment and speakers?

This is not 1933 Germany. This is 2021 #France.

At least one hand blasted away by one grenade.... tear gas everywhere.

Oh and the rave party was a hommage to Steve Caniço, who died in a rave 2 years ago (almost day by day) pushed in the river by a disproportionate... charge of the police using grenades and shit... :(

#steve #redon #policebrutality #shame

Might fuck around and make Matrix the all in one chat app I've been wanting. ho-lee-crapstacks

Im way stoked with this set. Even if I did flub the last track a bit.

If you like funky house.....you might wanna give this a bump.


This is my first post with mastodon auto share

Mail servers are tough. I just want a send only server for my own applications. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. 😅

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Ease the #Bitcoin unit bias problem, and speak in terms of sats.

e.g. $36733/BTC = $0.00037/sat

or more simply: 0.037 cents per sat

@ck_SNARKs @Phil_Geiger

One of the main reasons I'm bummed about missing this conf.

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RT @luvinwords
Money is a tool for trading our time.
Fiat is a tool for stealing our time.
Central banks steal our time.
Protect your wealth.
Save in Bitcoin.

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mastodon fixed. I missed it here. much less clutter.

Waking up a whole hour before your alarm goes off because your spidy sense's are tingling.

Didn't turn out half bad for what I had sitting in my fridge!

Sliced some beef really thin. stir fried it with green onions yellow onions, Ginger, sesame oil and some random sauces I had sitting in my fridge. Topped it with some Thai chilies for heat and some cilantro.

Cooked up some rice to put under it.

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