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This is exactly how I treat Altcoins.
It's all just a means to more I don't trade USD pairs anymore.


You don't have to "like" an altcoin to trade it.

It's a coin.
Not a person.
It's not evil.
It's literally just a coin.

If it goes up and earns you more Bitcoin, that's a good enough use-case for me.


When you dip your toes back into shitcoins and it pays off.



That was a fun set!!! My boy is on the decks now! Pop in! Time to fry like a chicken drumstick!



πŸ€–Come rave with me right NOW!πŸ€–

πŸ‘ΎMushroom patterns and alien tongues.. we dropping that psytrance tonight!πŸ‘Ύ


I HOPE YOU PEOPLE LIKE PSYTRACNE. Will be kicking us off at 6PM PST and I'll be following with some dark bush prog. 😈

Tune in:

TOR : iqylqwudriwrwjdz2aogebjihkt77c

Main site :

Twitch :

Discord :

When both your Spot buys and your leveraged longs are in profit.

My log files show nothing helpful either. They just all of a sudden stop no error message nothing. I self host so many things why is a Bitcoin node the one that's breaking my balls.

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Why am I having so much trouble getting a node to sync. Holy crap. I just want a core node that works with lightning. Umbril has failed me. Mynode has failed me . Compiling and trying to sync core has failed me. Is it because im using a pi? (I have a pi 4). I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong. My latest issue has been trying to sync just a basic core node. It won't run long enough to sync. The prosses keeps randomly getting killed and for the life of me I cant find a solution.

Really one of the best story arcs on CT.


I am simply Bearcasso, emir of rugs, turned to traveling nomad by bulas


Screenshotting and tweeting so its saved.

I know its April fools but one day he might really mean it.

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