Setting up some home automation stuff and I found that Home assistant (self hosted automation platform) has network integration. Not as good as the moody dash but I still kind of like it.

Right now its pulling data from Blockchain . com next step is calls to my node.

So setting up I2p for the first time in a while. It requires java. I see they have a non-java installer (yay). Install Firefox. Install I2P via the new installer. Open the newly configured browser.

Java required.


Worth translating and reading. It's been a bumpy start but 3 months was an ambitious timeline.

IMO this was to be expected on some level

Feels so nice to have my core build working again. I was up stupid late after I noticed it was done syncing.

RPC explorer up and running. LND up and going. TOR and a proper reverse proxy going for port forwarding. Next will be thunder hub for LND and then to build out more channels for payment routing and hooking my payserver into it! Stoked!

Hello world.

This account will be auto posting my blog feed and focused on and


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